Mother’s Day is a day that is celebrated all over the world – in every country on its own date.

In Israel, this day is celebrated according to the Hebrew date of L. Beshevat (usually in February). In recent years, it is also known as Family Day

In the city of Haifa this day is celebrated on a different day – Haifa Mother’s Day is set for the third day of Hanukkah.

The Arab Mother’s Day – عيد الأمّ العربية – Eid Alum al-Arabiya – is celebrated on March 21.

International Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the second Sunday of May.

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Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

Of course, you can add a box of chocolates or a special love balloon for Mother’s Day to any bouquet or flower arrangement you chose above, but if you wanted to focus less on flowers and more on our special packages, such as a special fruit basket for Mother’s Day, chocolates, wines and more, here is what we have to offer you

If you were looking for something in a different style, we invite you to go through the various categories that appear in the top menu of the screen or in the green background at the bottom of the page.

In the meantime, we wish you lots of love and only celebrations and happiness!

Yours  since 1998, Israel Harmony Flowers team

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