Baby Boy Gift 2


A Baby Boy gift package 2


A classic and versatile gift that contains a combination of designed and useful products for the mother and the newborn.


Package Contents:

Multi-purpose designed box
Soft and pleasant t
eddy bear
100% cotton foot cover
100% cotton corset garment
Hood towel with a cool print
100% cotton printed tetra diaper



The case comes wrapped in cellophane with colored ribbons.

* If an item is out of stock, it will be replaced with an equivalent product


Shipping Terms:
The cost of shipping this product is: 35 ILS (All over Israel).
This gift is sent as a unit on its own, it can not be added to an additional harmony products
(for example, it is not possible to add a bouquet of flowers to this gift)

You can check with our customer service for accurate delivery time, it may take a few days for some locations.