Terms and conditions of using flowersale.co.il - "Harmony".

The website Terms include the product and service delivery policy, details about the “Harmony” warranty, user age restriction, conditions for canceling a transaction, privacy policy, and more

  1. “Harmony” – International phone or WhatsApp 972-53-5700-440 | Email for inquiries: info@flowersale.co.il | Address for postal letters: PO Box 167 Beit Hanan, Israel 7686800
  2. A visitor/ user / customer who has made any use of this site, such as browsing the site, placing an order on the site, WhatsApp, email or making a telephone order, undertakes and declares that he has read the rules and agrees to all the terms and conditions therein.
  3. “Harmony” – flower and gift delivery service.
  4. The flowersale.co.il website (hereinafter the “Website”) is a website that serves as a representative website for “Harmony” and you are welcome to take part in it subject to your agreement to the terms of use which are listed below.
  5. The use of this site and the services offered on it, products, media such as photos and videos and the different content offered to the users may change from time to time depending on the type of content, season, holiday or news.
  6. “Harmony” management reserves the right to update the terms of use displayed on the site and in general from time to time and without notice or special mention in the various channels of the site.
  7. The site and all information on it, including the site design, site code, media files, graphics, videos, images, texts, files offered for download and any other material displayed on the site belong entirely to Harmony and constitute the exclusive intellectual property of Harmony (including product images), and may not be used without prior written permission from Harmony.
  8. In addition, you may not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, imitate or process pieces of code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content without our prior written permission.
  9. We strive to provide you with the information displayed on the site without interruption but there may be interruptions in the availability of the site due to technical constraints, third party malfunctions or others. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the site will be available at any time and no monetary or other compensation will be given due to the termination of the service or the unavailability of the site.
  10. The contents offered on the website are the exclusive property of ‘Harmony’ and may not be used in a way that goes against what is stated in these terms, except in cases where it is stated otherwise or in cases where it is stated that the copyright belongs to an external entity.
  11. The site management reserves the right to block any user in any way it sees fit, either by blocking IP address, device address or even the city / region or country of origin without having to provide explanations about the blocking.
  12. The site staff and site management will do everything in their power to protect the site’s users. In cases where a third party is able to gain access to the information, it is hereby agreed that visitors, customers, users or subscribers to the site will not have any claim, argument or demand towards ‘Harmony’.
  13. We may use your data to contact you about our products and services, orders you have placed and to send you from time to time other marketing advertising information (promotions, updates, etc.).
  14. For the purpose of processing your order, it may be necessary to transfer the information you provided or part of it to the relevant suppliers (such as a courier company, etc.).
  15. Cookies and internal statistics interfaces are used on this website in order to examine anonymous statistical records of surfers, analysis of surfer movement, surfing habits on the website and analysis of clicks and dwell times. Except for registered surfers connected to the site, the stored information is completely anonymous and does not contain the name of the surfer or any other identifying information.
  16. In the event that any dispute arises it is agreed that the foregoing is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Israeli law using the system of Israeli courts in the Tel Aviv District.
  17. Personal Information – For the purpose of processing your order, we must store information that is of a personal nature such as full name, address, telephone, your email address, credit card details or any other information requested for the purpose of purchasing the services offered by us. The information you provide on your own initiative is stored in an internal database of ‘Harmony’. If you provide us with any information that relates to a third party, you declare that the information was provided to us with his consent and knowledge.
  18. Site forms: Throughout the site, there are forms for filling out orders, inquiries, registration, joining promotions or a mailing list, etc. By filling out and submitting the forms, you confirm this section and confirm to receive the mailing details specified on the form, including advertisements and updates from Harmony.
  19. Order terms by phone, WhatsApp, email and on the flowersale.co.il website “Harmony”.
  20. Customer service and operating hours: The call center’s operating hours are Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 to 19:00 Israel time. Fridays and holiday eves from 08:00 to 14:00. The “Harmony” team is at your service in any matter and by contacting us at the call center or WhatsApp at 972-53-5700-440, via e-mail address: info@flowersale.co.il or by mail: PO Box 167 Beit Hanan, Israel 7686800.
  21. “Harmony” and/or the operators of the site and/or its managers and/or anyone on their behalf are not responsible for the mistake made by the user when typing the details. Also, the aforementioned will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any liability in the event that the purchase details are not recorded in the system and/or for any technical and/or other problem that prevents operations on the site.
  22. Place an order on the website: You can place an order on the website by adding a product to the shopping cart and clicking on checkout. In this process the customer fills in his personal details, shipping details and means of payment. Then the customer must confirm the secure payment at the end of the process. If the customer has entered all the details correctly, the system will confirm that the order has been placed successfully. “Harmony” will receive the order and start preparing the order for delivery.
  23. Place an order by phone, WhatsApp or email: select an existing product on the site (according to the product name that appears on the site) or according to the recommendation of a “Harmony” representative. After selecting the product, provide the service representative with the details for the purpose of placing the order, address details and contact details for the purpose of making the shipment, payment (including credit card details) for making the payment and confirming the order.
  24. An order received without payment confirmation – will not be approved and will not be provided until the payment is confirmed.
  25. During the execution of the order, the service requester must provide personal details to the service representative in order to complete the order and ship the order properly and accurately. The details that will be provided to “Harmony” by the service requester are: full name of the person making the order, e-mail address of the person making the order (for the purpose of transferring the transaction invoice), the phone number of the person making the order, full name of the recipient of the order (for the purpose of proper and error-free delivery), address, exact date of the delivery, phone number of the recipient of the delivery or of a contact person who is with him and the message for  the greeting card details
  26. .All the details that will be provided by the service requester to “Harmony” are in an internal database of “Harmony” and will be used for the benefit of – establishing contact with the customer regarding the proper execution of the order, inquiry and service regarding the order, advertising messages from “Harmony” regarding related updates and promotions for flowers and gifts (advertising messages will be sent exclusively to the mailing means of the person making the order and not to the recipient of the delivery). Everyone who uses the service of “Harmony” agrees to this condition in full, and undertakes not to bring any kind of claims to “Harmony” in this matter. In order to remove the user from the mailing list, you must send an explicit message to delete from the list and stop receiving messages, by sending an e-mail, a WhatsApp message or contacting the Harmony call center.
  27. The products: Each product advertised throughout the site has its own name (for example: “White Jerusalem”). Attached to the product is a main product image, which describes the product. The product photos and the photos in the product galleries – for illustration only and are intended to give an indication to the service applicant. In most pictures the flowers are seen at the peak of their flowering but may arrive before blooming (fresh and high quality). If one of the components of the product or some of the flowers is missing from stock, another similar product / matching flower of the same color and the same equivalent will be provided instead. In some products, the image displayed as the product image reflects a certain size (usually medium). When ordering, the customer is required to choose the size of the product he is interested in. Therefore, the product to be delivered is in accordance with the size of the product that the customer ordered and not necessarily as shown in the picture. If part of a dominant product is missing in stock – Harmony representatives will contact the customer.
  28. Chocolate products, sweets, fruits, wine and packages – can be changed according to the existing stock.
  29. Prices and promotions – “Harmony” reserves the right to change the prices of the products, the various promotions at any time without prior notice.
  30. Deliveries: Harmony provides a quality delivery service to almost 1,000 localities in Israel – cities, local councils, moshavim, villages, kibbutzim, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels – almost all over Israel. Harmony’s delivery service is the best one in Israel, and includes a free delivery service to 150 cities and towns in the country (for orders of flowers from 199 NIS or more). Our delivery service is active only on weekdays and is not active on Saturdays and holidays. All details appear on the website on the localities pages, the delivery list and the schedules in the checkout process on the website and are also available from our service representatives by phone and WhatsApp. Harmony “does its best to make the delivery as quickly as possible, but there may be cases where the order will not be delivered on the day the order was placed due to unpredictable delays (force majeure, natural hazards, severe climates, road congestion, traffic jams and congestion , Security events, lack of inventory, order loads during the holidays, Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day
  31. .Request for cancellation by the buyer – any buyer who has requested to purchase a delivery of flowers, flower pots, ornamental plants, bouquets and flower arrangements, and who wishes to cancel his request, shall notify him within one hour of the date he sent his request to Harmony (or from the time of establishing telephone contact with Harmony) If the order is to be delivered on another day, it will be possible to give a cancellation notice up to 5 hours before the order is placed during the order center’s operating hours (Sunday-Thursday 09:00-19:00, Friday and holiday eves 8:00-14:00 ). The notice of cancellation will be delivered to the company’s call center via the telephone of the national reservation center and sent at the same time in writing (WhatsApp or via email). The cancellation of the operation will be possible as long as the shipments of the products have not yet been sent by Harmony and/or someone on its behalf to the address provided by the buyer. Cancellation of the purchase of any other product (which is non-perishable as stated) will be done within 14 days of receiving back the product at the given address store closest to the delivery area, provided that notice has been given as stated above, and the product has not been used and is in its original packaging as delivered to the buyer. All subject to the provisions of any law.
  32. Warranty and Refund Policy: We make every effort to provide quality, fresh and awesome products. “Harmony has been working with the highest quality and freshest flowers since 1998, so quality and professionalism are our foundation and our starting point is that we love satisfied returning customers. In case a customer feels that one of the products supplied arrived in a defective  condition, we should be contacted immediately at the call center or by email. A complaint regarding the quality of the product provided will be handled as long as no more than 48 hours have elapsed from the delivery of the product. It is then not possible to file a customer service complaint on this issue. Cancellation of a transaction – According to the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, it is not possible to cancel a distance selling transaction for the purchase of lost goods (flowers), goods that were manufactured especially for the consumer as a result of the transaction.
  33. Purchasing on the site is allowed for those who are at least 18 years of age.
  34. The personal details that the customer will provide during the order will remain in Harmony’s internal database and will not be passed on to any third party, except for the shipping address which will be provided to Harmony couriers or an external courier company for product delivery.
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